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Welcome to Dolittle's Pet Spa, located in Goodyear, AZ. At Dolittle's Pet Spa, our professional groomers have over 30 years experience making your dogs and cats look and feel luxurious. We pride ourselves on creating fabulous fur while providing a positive experience for our customers as well. Our spa looks and smells sparkling clean, and your pet will leave prancing proud all the way home. From large working and sporting dogs to fluffy little felines, we groom every size and breed to standard. Since pleasing the customer is one of our primary concerns, Dolittle's can also custom clip to satisfy even the most finicky dog and cat owners.

In addition to our talented and caring groomers, we use state-of-the-art equipment, including a powerful bathing machine that lifts all the dirt from the skin out, a worry-free walk-in shower for the bigger breeds, as well as a central clipper vacuum system, designed to prevent your pets from inhaling hair or itching from residue clippings. Our shampoos, conditioners, and coat handlers are all natural and hypoallergenic, creating a polished look to the groom that looks brighter, feels softer, and lasts longer.

As an independently operated business, we can provide you and your cherished pet with a clean, safe, and worry-free environment. We ask for a three-hour grooming window, and promise to call for pick-up as soon as they are finished. Although walk-ins are welcome, it's always good to make an appointment so that your pet can enjoy its special time with its favorite groomer.

We invite you to check out the rest of our website and see for yourself the exemplary array of services offered. Among our pages, you will find photos of our Goodyear based, spacious and well-kept grooming center, as well as many of our amazing animal friends. After you've looked over our website and seen which services would best suit your needs, give us a call and let us help you give your pets the love and attention they deserve. At Dolittle's Pet Spa, every dog (or cat) has its day!

Special Services

Pick Up & Delivery Service

For the convenience of our customers, Dolittle's offers a pick-up and delivery service. We can accommodate large or small pets, transport them in an easy to enter low-profile van, and return them in a matter of just a few hours. (a nominal fee will be added to the regular grooming costs)
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Excellent Grooming Guarantee

Our highly trained professionals have contributed articles in trade magazines, been asked to speak at pet care clubs and boarding facilities, and are now collaborating on a training book with an international breeding facility. Local vets continue to recommend their clients who are looking for that something extra in a pet groomer. Those at Dolittle's Pet Spa are educated and experienced to evaluate your pet's coat and recommend products and tools that will help you maintain the polished look we create.
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Looking for a Specialized Groomer?

Looking for a groomer who specializes in your breed? Go no further. We have groomers who are excellent in pattered poodle cuts, yorkie teddy bear faces, westie heads, schnauzers patterns, shih tzus, and goldens. Included in our baths and brushes are complete de-shedding and fluff hand blowing. We always go the extra mile to pamper your pet.
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